2020 Seoul Made Creator Video Contest

Announcement of winners

Thank you to everyone who participated.
Those who have won the 'The Grand Award', 'Invest Seoul Award', 'Top Award', and 'Excellence Award', please attend the awards ceremony.


SEOUL MADE Introduction

It is a brand intended to contain changes to various contents and creations created by Seoul, Seoulites, and living in Seoul.

2020 Seoul Made Creator Video Contest

  • For Spread Seoul-related contents by open a Seoul-themed video contest
  • Expand the base of Creator media through a contest where anyone All men and women of all ages will join
  • We support promotion and revitalization of small businesses in Seoul and Seoul, Invest Seoul Center, and Anytown.

Contest theme

Type Contents


Topic : Introducing seoul style that about seoul, only for in seoul, my seoul life
  • Special Seoul : Introducing about seoul's beauty, hot place that only I know
  • Seoul life : Seoul's Daily Life, Information Helpful in Real Life, Seoul's 10 Best Tips


Topic : Find K-Contents like Treasures for Everyone in Daily Life
  • Find ‘Zaemiro Treasure’ : Introduction of things to enjoy in Myeong-dong Comicsroad Zaemiro #Myeong-dong #Zaemiro #Zaemirang #SeoulAnimationCenter, etc.
  • Find 'Seoul Treasure' : Introduction of hidden spots in Seoul where you can fully enjoy content #Seoul_Tour #Character_Exhibition #Experience_Places, etc.
  • Find 'Online Treasure' : Introduction of K-contents enjoyed at home #OTT # Cartoons/Webtoons, etc.

"Story of the Shop"

Topic : Seoul OR a little shop story about someone's memories, history, or stories
  • With parents' OR OLD stories : Parents' favorite house (#Umpa's favorite house), an introduction to old Seoul store stores
  • Is this real : Amazing start-up stories (Young entrepreneurs), treasures found in traditional markets, etc.


Topic : How much do you know about Seoul?
  • International entrepreneurs in Seoul : Business environment and opportunities from the perspective of foreign investors
    #Why_Seoul? #Money_money해도 서울 #investseoulcenter #ISC
  • We are here with you : Invest Seoul Center tailored to the needs of foreign companies entering Seoul
    #Invest_Seoul_Center #FDI #한국진출 외국기업 #investseoulcenter #ISC
  • Go global : Stories of Seoul Startups aspiring to expand their business into global market
    #Innovation #Seoul_Unicorn #tapping_into_global_market #investseoulcenter #ISC
  • Invest Seoul introduction video #1     Invest Seoul introduction video #2

How to apply

  • Whom apply
    One person or team that can produce appropriate video content for the contest theme. Check it out the contest theme ( No area, gender or age limit for anyone to participate)
    * There is no limit to entry for multiple videos by individual or team, but multiple awards are not allowed (except for participation awards)
  • How to apply : Fill out the application form and submit the YouTube URL where the video by subject was uploaded.

Application period : 2020.08.28 ~ 10.07

Evaluation period : 2020.10.08 ~ 10.19

Announcement of winners : 2020.10.20

Contest awards : 2020. 11. 06(Fri.) 10:00 (planned) (Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), in the exhibition event of 'Korea One Person Media Exhibition' in 2020)

Award (Total Reward 50,000.000 won, 255 team awards)

Type Citation Reward Number of team

The Grand Award

the Mayor of Seoul citation 6,000,000 won 1

Invest Seoul Award

the Mayor of Seoul citation 5,000,000 won 1

Top Award

the Mayor of Seoul citation, KOBACO citation 3,000,000 won each 8

Excellence Award

SBA citation, KOBACO citation 1,000,000 won each 15
Favorite Vote Mobile Gifticon 50,000 won favorite vote 30 team
Participation Mobile Gifticon 10,000 won arrive first 200 team

Judging criteria

  • Works will be judged for Seoul-related videos uploaded to the applicant's (team) YouTube account from January 2020 to October 7, 2020.
Index Contents
Aesthetic criteria Content video technique and aesthetic composition
Information Conveying information on content topics
Interest Interesting and fun elements of the video
Content planning Linkage of content planning and story progression
Creativity Content subject creativity

참가 유의사항

  • 응모작에 사용된 이미지, 음원, 영상, 폰트 등은 저작권에 필히 위반되지 않아야 하며, 동영상 마지막에는 반드시 음원 등 영상 내 활용 저작물 출처를 기재 요망
  • 복수의 동영상 응모는 제한 없으나 중복 시상은 불가 (참가상 제외)
  • 심사대상은 기간(2020.01~2020.10.07) 내 업로드 한 동영상으로 한정함
  • 인기상은 접수완료 영상 중 조회수가 높은 영상을 시상하며 순수 조회수가 아닐 경우(광고 등 부정한 방법으로 획득) 당첨 무효처리
  • 응모작품 중 타 공모전에서 수상한 작품 및 타인의 창작물 도용 영상은 선정에서 제외하며 수상 이후에라도 수상 취소와 함께 상금은 환수 조치함
  • 수상작의 저작권은 수상자에게 있으나, 주최 측은 수상자의 저작재산권 이용 및 활용 동의를 얻어 공모전의 취지, 목적을 달성하기 위해 필요한 한도 내에서 자료 복제, 전송, 전시, 홍보 및 교육자료 등 공개 자료로 활용 할 수 있음
  • 응모하는 동영상은 초상권, 저작권, 지적재산권, 대여권 등 이용에 법적인 문제가 전혀 없어야 하며, 법적인 문제가 발생 시 모든 민, 형사상의 법적인 책임과 비용의 부담은 응모자에게 있으며, 주최측은 어떠한 법적인 책임을 지지 않음
  • 심사결과에 따라 적합한 작품이 없을 경우, 수상 작품 수가 조정될 수 있음
  • 일정과 시상 내용은 일부 변경될 수 있으며 변경사항은 홈페이지를 통해 공고함
  • 수상자의 상금의 제세공과금은 수상자가 부담 (참가상 제외)


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  • Email : office@kodicc.org